I Think I've Missed Somethign


Hi there,

I’m on day 9 of the V-Diet and so far I’m feeling pretty good. Tired at night, but that’s probably not a bad thing :slight_smile:

My question is, 9 days in I have had no changes. At all. Okay, actually I’ve lost 1 lb. But my measurements are all the same, my clothes are fitting the same and I swear I am following the program to the letter.

I’m doing my NEPA walks every day, my workouts are good and I’ve increased the weight that I’m lifting by 2 or, in some cases 3 times what I was doing before. Usually I bang out 3 sets of 12-15 reps, using lighter weights. But I’ve really bumped up the weights and I’m pushing myself harder than ever.

Do you have any suggestions, is there something I’m missing? Or, do I just need to be patient and ride it out?



The answer is probably patience.

Also, it’s quite possible to gain some good metabolism-boosting muscle given the new workout and protein content. That of course won’t show up on the scale. Lose two pounds of fat and gain two pounds of muscle and the scale shows nothing, yet you’ll look better.

A 1 pound loss is lower than I’d expect though. I assume you’re following the diet to the letter; it sounds like it. But sometimes we run into things we don’t expect, like the dieter mixing all the shakes with milk or something. I doubt that’s what you’re doing though!

If you truly feel it’s too many calories (very doubtful) you may reduce your daily intake by one scoop of protein powder.

Also, if you were already on a reduced carb diet, you probably didn’t have to normalize body fluids like a high-carb eater would. That’s what happens when some people lose a crazy amount on week 1, like 8 pounds: they’re losing water “bloat” along with some fat.

Stick to it and keep me posted after a few more days. If there’s truly a problem we’ll get it figured out soon!


Thank Chris.

I will try to be more patient :slight_smile:

I’m not a big carb person at the best of times. I find eating bread or pasta tends to make me bloated and actually cause stomach pain. I cut them out completely a few years ago but started eating small amounts again when I was pregnant (my daughter is now 6). I was never motivated enough to cut them out 100% again but I did limit them.

I am mixing my shakes with water and I usually try to drink 2 to 4 litres of water a day anyway so that could be part of why I haven’t seen a big drop…not much retained water to lose.

I’m sure things will start to move and change soon. I’ll keep at it and keep you posted.

Thanks again.


One more thing to keep in mind:

The closer a person is to her goals, the slower fat loss will be. (The body is frustrating like that.)

So, a person with those last 10 pounds to lose isn’t going to see 5 pounds a week drops in weight like the person with 60 pounds to lose.

Not sure where you’re at now, so that may or may not be a factor.


That makes sense. I am within about 15 lbs of my goal.