I Really Want this V- Diet!

SWAT–You already rock! My husband got custody of his kids 9 years ago for similar reasons…being a Dad is the 2nd best job in the world (being a Mom is #1, IMHO.)

Do it for whatever reason gets you through the moment. Some days I’m doing it to look good, most days, I do it for my family. I use whatever works best. Wanting to compete should be secondary to being healthy for your kids. But if the thought of competing is what gets you through–USE IT!


Quick question. I am usually quicker then this but kinda lost on something… Which supps, and how much do I need to order for my 28 days?

I believe according to one of Chris’ posts that are sticky’d up top, he recommended
13 jugs of Metabolic Drive,
2 HOT-ROX Extreme
2 Flameout
2 Surge

those are the mandatory. You’ll also probably need some cold milled flax and natural peanut butter for the healthy fats. Some fiber choice tabs are great as well to meat a daily requirement of about 25g of fiber. You can also add on a test booster, Superfood, or any other Biotest supplements if you’d like as Chris says…but he doesn’t recommend starting creatine if you aren’t already on it prior to starting. Hope that helps!

You also look pretty stoutly built, like me, and I got some BCAAs to make sure I kept most of my muscle (we’ll see if there’s any down there!).

I think the best peice of advice is to remember the words of a great diet coach:

“Dieting is easy…as long as you realize how hard it is”

If we go into this with a 1/2 hearted approach and ho hum attitude we will fail. It is tough but focusing in on the beauty of the program is key, rather than the difficult parts. Read through the journals and see how some overcome hunger, or cravings or unexpected events etc.

“The most prepared are the most Dedicated”

GO SWAT GO! Rootin’ for ya!

[quote]SWAT wrote:
I just got finished reading Gus’complete thread during his V-Diet. Wow, what a uplifting story when you think you might not be able to handle this. I wanted to take some more time and talk about my motivation… My original post was short and did not really hit the entire reason of why I am going to rock this diet and finally get on stage like I have been saying for about 5 years now…

When I was 17 years old I joined the United States Army as an Airborne Infantryman. We had to be fit but I was always big… I thought being big but not sloppy was better because of the size issue. I was wrong. There were guys in my unit that I was 20-50 pounds heavier then but they looked so much larger and better with their shirts off then I did.

I was just big with round muscle bellies. After 8 years in the Army I got out and became a cop. I started hitting the weights but my diet was free fast food that we were given while on duty and who does not like FREE anything. Once again, I was big but that was all. Still not impressive with my shirt off.

Well, I started to have my wellness checks and everytime I went in, my blood pressure was off the charts and my Cholesterol was off the charts as well. Of course the doctor said that I would be better off losing about 50 pounds but in my mind, NO WAY…Then I would not be big any longer… What a stupid way of thinking on my part…

I am not currently going through a rough divorce in which I am fighting for my kids due to their mother being bipolar and totally out of control. Needless to say my blood pressure is out of control with that going on also… I have always accepted challenges in my life in the Army and as a Cop and I completed the challenges with honor!!

Yes, I want to compete very badly. Yes, I want to look great with my shrit off… But more then that, I want to live alot longer so that my children have a great life and a daddy that can give that to them and not a daddy hooked up to a dialysis machine because his blood pressure kills his kidneys which I have issues with now also…

I did not want to post all of this but to post on here that I just want to do this and compete would not be honest. I want to live!!! Gus, I have read every type of magazine, every chat and message board, every bodybuilding site, etc… to learn and see what would work for me. I tell you bro, your story should be posted on many more sites other then ours…

I think you could save lives if more people were to see what you did and how far you went in your journey… I am so ready to start this diet and there is nothing that will get in my way with completing it to the fullest and being able to tell my story of the journey… I am ready, I just have to come up with the money to get my supps which is going to be the hardest part but I will figure a way. I will make everyone proud!!!Thanks for the motivation to everyone…[/quote]

Man, thanks for the kind words SWAT. I’m glad my journey in the PC was helpful to you.

Remember to keep to the V-Diet as written. If you are going to do this then make it count and do it straight. I actually wanted to go on another V-Diet run but didn’t have the extra bucks to go for it. So I’m putting it off until I’m ready.

I think you have a fulfilling goal in wanting to be an active father for your kids. Man, I absolutely feel the same way.

I’m looking forward to reading your progress my Brother! Train hard and take care!

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