I Made A Mistake

I’ve tried doing Velocity 4-5 times in the past. All of these attempts were while I was in the military, and wasn’t able to keep a consistent schedule / expending more calories than what I probably should have been for the V-Diet.

That being said, when I started the diet again in earnest on January 11, 2014, I thought I had the diet memorized. Turns out I was wrong…

My diet has been:

1st Shake: Two scoops Metabolic Drive, two - three scoops (5g each) milled flax seed, one scoop superfood, two Flameout capsules, 1 thermogenic pill (alternate / effective brand).
2nd Shake: Two scoops Metabolic Drive
3rd Shake: Two scoops Metabolic Drive, two - three scoops milled flax seed, one scoop superfood, two Flameout capsules, 1 thermogenic pill.
4th Shake: Two scoops Metabolic Drive
5th Shake: Two scoops Metabolic Drive, one packet (200 cal) all natural peanut butter.

My HSM last Friday was around / less than 500 calories. For some reason I thought it was supposed to be a 500 or less meal calorie meal. silly me.

I havn’t been taking the extra protein shake after workouts (body weight Marine Corps style workouts because of a lack of gym)

My question is: How fucked am I? I’m still going solid, but I’m taking in 2 scoops less / day of superfood and 1 scoop less / day of protein (not counting the complete lack of Surge last week, I honestly was worried I’d quit and I was holding onto that stuff like gold in a stock market collapse). Are these differences preventing my body from expending calories because its in the “Oh shit, I’m not getting enough of what I need” mode?

Overall, I’ve lost 10lbs in the first week, My arms and chest are still strong, and I seem to have lost the muffin top I gained post military. I just dont want to the results to stop here and peter off.

Also, sort of a side topic. What are your thoughts on greek yogurt ranch?

Thanks for your time, and reading my long incoherent post.


You’re probably fine, but it’s hard to say since you aren’t doing the V-Diet exactly: No HOT-ROX, which contains Carbolin-19 to prevent muscle loss, no weight training yet (never a great idea on a fat loss diet), and no Surge (I understand that since you’re not weight training, but it too prevents any possible muscle loss and helps you build muscle if lifting.)

That doesn’t mean it won’t work; it’s clearly working now. But is it working optimally? I don’t know because you’re not doing it optimally.

And all fat loss diet “slow” the closer you get to your goal weight. That’s natural. I would not expect anyone to keep losing 10 pounds per week unless they are 400+ pounds i.e. very obese. Some of that week-one fat loss is water/bloat loss, which is also natural. Scale weight isn’t important anyway. It’s all about the mirror, pics, and measurements. Are you taking the recommended measurements?

What is greek yogurt ranch? A dressing? Most non-homemade dressing are awful. Just read the ingredient list.

Overall… I’ve done good sticking to a liquid diet, just not the correct liquid diet…

Measurements / pictures I plan on posting upon completion. I’m the shy type, I’ll wait until theres an 8 - 12 pack showing… ha. Then again, I’m not doing this to look a certain way, I want to be in shape to start some serious running. (Getting down to a sub 18 minute 3 mile)

Homemade you say? That’ll be something to work toward this week. Correct, Yogurt Ranch dressing, it has protein and a great deal less calories / fat / bad ingredients compared to hidden valley. But “bad ingredients” meant a completely different thing to me before I started this diet, so I’ll be re-evaluating.

Its funny… I find that I"m consumed with thinking about healthy meal options in my down time. I would kill for a salad / cooked asparagus / lean meat.

Thank you very much for the constructive advice, and the speedy reply.

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