I Have a Few Questions about the V-Diet

I work a 2:30pm to 10:30pm shift and might workout either before or after.

1)If i do it after work I usually go to bed around 2-3 am so does that mean i should take Surge around bed time if i workout after work?

  1. do you recommend mixing the shakes with smart water, because I read it keeps you hydrated?

  2. how many times can you do the V-Diet in a 6 month to 12 month period and can you do it back to back? If not what is the wait period?

4)Is it okay if I use benefiber?

  1. how long should I wait before going into the beast building program on T-Nation after this diet? Can I do the V-Diet before and after the beast building program?

  2. How many low carb Metabolic Drive containers do you recommend because in one place I see 10, another 11m and one says 13. I plan on doing this program with my fiance so that might be double the supplements.

Thank you for your replies to my questions in advance.

First, before we jump the gun with a lot of questions about what to do after the V-Diet or when to do it the diet again, let’s get you through your FIRST V-Diet successfully.

So, skipping those questions, here’s some help with the others:

  1. The rule with Surge Recovery is to always use it right after weight training, regardless of time of day or wonky work schedules.

  2. No need for Smart Water. And there’s no worry of dehydration with this diet anyway.

  3. If it’s needed. Which it may not be if you follow the diet closely.

  4. You just have to calculate the math and read the labels available at the Biotest store. It’s a little different for everyone. Most people need around 12 or 13 when you count a strict 2-week Transtion phase (so, 6 weeks of protein)

But one note: it’s always better to have some Low-Carb Metabolic Drive left over rather than running out with three days of the diet left to go.

thank you!

I ask other question in your ask post.

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