I Had My Doubts

about the whole change of tastes perspective of the Velocity Diet.

well… I am currently half way through the diet and so far the results have been great.

Last night, my family, tired of seeing me drink a shake at the dinner table, begged me to make a dinner for myself. I was a few days from a HSM, but I did for their sake…

what did I make for myself?

I had a head ( i think thats the word for it) of romaine lettuce, cleaned, and I made a dipping sauce of 1 Tbsp of olive oil and red peppers…

It was orgasmic…Before, I would have never noticed the subtle tastes of oil and the pepper, this was on a whole new level of yum.

Of course, during this time my family has this puzzled look on their face as I munch very happily on lettuce. ( I had my shake after as well)

If something as bland as lettuce and oil tastes this great at 2 weeks, I am very much looking forward to the transition! Oh, and the weight loss is great too!

I hear ya. I had two cherry tomatos last night from a friend’s entree. ah-frickin-mazing. Technically that was the night of my 6th day, but I’m saving my HSM for a benefit I’m going to on saturday.

[quote]xl3loox wrote:
… a whole new level of yum.

I’m stealing that line.


If you enjoyed that Romaine that way, try spritzing it with olive, shake a little sea salt on it and those crushed red peppers then toss on a medium fire grill until the leaves start to wilt and edges turn brown.

Screw cutting it up and table manners - eat it like a burrito!


Yeah, I can now eat vegitables and slightly enjoy them. Significant change and I’m 4 days off the diet now. Every meal is like fine dinning taste to me now.

Solid foods, no matter what they may be, taste orgasmically (not a word, I know) better when on the V-Diet…even a tbsp of straight up olive oil after V-Dieting tastes amazing.

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