I Feel so Weak!

I am so weak since I started this diet 6 days ago that I barely work out. I’m losing weight but something is wrong with how low my energy is. I’m not taking all the drug supplements. I am sticking to the shakes with flaxseed powder and Superfood. The protein shakes are too sweet and make me nauseous so I using one scoop versus 2. The Superfood is also too sweet so I use half a scoop.

Perhaps I’m in taking way too little calories but I went through a rigorous training a few months ago that gave me no food for 6 days only 2 salt pills a day and water and I was fine through out the whole thing. That training was mandatory for my job btw, and our bodies underwent much worse treatment than that.

I’m sticking to this diet though the person who recommended it to me is concerned of my well being. I did want to lose weight but also gain energy which is something I have been lacking since before I started it. I thought this would be perfect, however my energy levels are signicantly worse since I started on it 6 days ago.

So… you’re basically breaking all the rules of the V-Diet and not feeling as well as you could? Weird! :slight_smile:

Your calories are incredibly too low because you’re not following the plan.

What other supplements are you leaving out of the plan?

Yes. I was consuming way too little calories. I didn’t mention that the reason I was consuming less protein shakes than required was because after#3 I started to feel really nauseous. On the 3rd day of the diet I violently puked out#4 when I forced myself to drink it in the evening. After that, I had little to no desire for the shakes. The first 2 in the day I could drink with out feeling nauseous though I still felt disgusted by them. I struggled with#3 and resorted to eating plain tuna and tabouleh on a few evenings. After my first post I knew I had to up my calorie intake to start feeling energized. I didn’t want to give up completely on this diet, so I reformulated the shakes to be more of my appeal. I make them thicker by adding perhaps more flaxseed powder than required. I add 2 scoops versus one. That really helps cut down the sweetness of the stuff as well. I also mix banana and chocolate. I find the strawberry repulsive so I gave it away. I can’t do the banana by itself but it is okay with the chocolate. Vanilla is okay as well. I also have a previous protein powder that I bought at GNC. A vanilla one that tastes like cardboard but it helps cut down the sweetness of these guys so I add it to the mix.

Now it’s working for me. I no longer feel depleted. The best part hasn’t been how quickly I lost the 10 lbs that bothered me (within 2 weeks) but that the chronic knee pain I have had for over a decade has completely disappeared. That in itself has led me to make these shakes the integral source of my nutrition. I also struggle digesting many healthy wholesome foods so it’s much easier for me to stick to these shakes. I just had to tweak them around to appeal to me. No, I didn’t buy nor do I plan to buy all those other pills and pre and post work outs. I like to work out a few times a week. I have a very demanding work schedule, I am part of an airborne crew in the military. We work in excess of 14 hours on mission so I exercise to stay seemingly healthy and lean not for bodybuilding. I respect people who weight train rigorously but that has never been my thing and despite all the articles posted on this site, I still have little appeal for it. I do incorporate some strength training in my work outs. Simple stuff like dips, chin ups, the ab wheel not roller, and a few of the leg machines for the glutes and hamstrings. I was doing the perfect pushup for a while, 3 sets of 20 but I hated how broad my shoulders became. So I stopped and went back down to my feminine figure of a small and 34B. I am now happy and I have ordered more stuff. I share my stuff with colleagues but it seems I am having the most success overall.

I actually don’t find it hard to stick to anymore. Candy was my downfall before, Starburst, skittles, milk duds. Seems those were the culprits of my terrible knee aches and inflammation as well as exhaustion. When I say I ate too much candy, I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say I ate about 1000 calories of the stuff. The weird thing was that sweet candy like that didn’t make me nauseous. What I have always had very little appeal for are sweet drinks. I really don’t like juice, I have always preferred drinking water or herbal teas with no sweetener. Well since being on this diet I completely overcame my candy addiction. At no point have I desired the stuff. Anyways I just wanted to update my previous comment of a few weeks ago.

I know how you feel with the sugar craving issue. I can’t go a day without a few pieces. I have to stop buying it and throw away what I have left over from hoarding it. Keep up the good work. I am also military so I know what you go through as far as training. I hope this works for me so I can stop getting taped!

Try increasing your salt.

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