I Failed.... Badly

Well, I stuck it out for 18 days and then something happened in my personal life that took over. A girl I was madly in love with for 6 years decided to start fucking with my head. Here is the long story short. I did well on the V-Diet for 18 days with no deviations from the diet part. I did have to change workout days around so I wouldn’t be working out while I was sore. This girl came in to my life and then promptly checked out.

I was the proverbial ‘dick in a glass jar’ and once she used the shit outa me I was old news. Soo, in my lack of mental stability I embarked on a junk food/drinking binge. Fast forward to today. I feel like shit. My job is stressing me out so much where I’m not sleeping well, I’m having stomach issues and I feel tired all the time.

Re-enter the V-Diet with renewed enthusiasm. No excuses this time. Last time I would skip a morning workout and tell myself I’ll just do it in the evening. I would do it in the evening butttt my evening workouts always lack energy and usually suck. This time it will be first thing in the morn. Every time. If I need to be up at 3am that is what needs to happen.

I’ll try to do a better job of logging my progress this time. Pictures and measurements to come.

wow, dude, just wow. you got through the hardest part of the diet (first 8-10 days). i can’t believe you faltered so late into the game :frowning:

get your head in the game and make teh diet your top priority. nothing should matter other than shedding weight. get the girl, job, etc. out of your mind. if you want to fixate on something, do what the rest of us do and day-dream over your next hsm!

Stay strong man…I had a girl that I was in love with (unfortunately still am, but only friends now) shit on me a few months ago. I went a destructive binge of drugs, alcohol, and of course food (the worst of all! haha).

I started the V-Diet last Monday and I guarantee that when I’m done this girl will be wishing she was still with me…willing to bet the same for you!

Good Luck!

Going on a junk food binge - with the accompanying insulin surges and crashes - will just compound the crappy feelings. Get yourself healthy with a powerful month of V-Dieting and your mind will level out.

And, when you’re sitting under the bar on a squat that feels to heavy, think of how pissed you are at that b*tch. You’ll get the lift up.

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