I Did the Four Weeks


So I finished my four weeks! I am really excited that I finished. My final weight is 229, and before I started it was 241. I know for a fact I lost more pounds of fat than that. I feel really accomplished. I am doing the transition phase and will post more pictures after each week.

I did the work out today. Still intermediate. Everyone has been giving me compliments, but no one has seen this picture yet. I am really excited about this!!!


Wow !!! GREAT Job New Beginning33… you must feel Fantastic and what an accomplishment. Congratulations !!! Thanks for the pics… very inspiring !


Thank you!!


This is about two weeks after my six weeks on the Velocity diet. I have started over the training program and I still feel like I am kicking ass and looking better. Here is the picture after my four weeks and my current picture. Tell me what y’all think. Thanks!