I cheated!


Chris, I’m SO sorry to have to admit that I cheated … Before I knew what I was doing, I have a Breath Mint … :slight_smile: What is the Velocity Diet Breath Mint Protocol …??

On a Different Note, I did have my first Healthy Solid Meal. Now I know you told me I probably shouldn’t go to the Brazilian Steakhouse I kept dreaming about as my HSM, but coincidently, the Organizer of the Ballroom Competition I am working at this weekend, took a few of us there. Now, I know I always have a choice, HOWEVER I made everyone aware of what I had to do, the Rules, and to not tempt me … AND I also made two other resolutions with myself:

  1. I ate as if you and Dan John and everyone else Coaching me were watching …
  2. I told myself if I cheated, I had to pay my worst enemy a compliment. (Now I don’t really have any enemies, but everyone has that person they just don’t really like … Yeah, that person a compliment …)

And It worked! I started with a huge plate of salad with veggies, oil and a little balsamic vinegear on the tomatoes … BEST - SALAD - EVER!!! Had a dish of steamed brocolli, and severely limited my Meats to just the Filets, a couple of Sirloin pieces so tender you can cut it with a fork … Sweet LIttle Baby Jesus in a Manger, I was in Healthy Solid MEal Heaven!!!

THaks again, and talk to you soon!


Awesome! Those types of places usually have the best salad bars – very high end with premium olive oil and vinegars. Makes a difference.


Yeah, I really enjoyed that meal … If you’re ever in New York, it’s Churrascaria Platforma in midtown, 49th Street between 8th and 9th Ave.

Sorry about the breath mint though … I think it was suger free though …