I Am Going to Take the Plunge!

I am looking to loose around 20-25lbs, so then I gain gain it all back… but this time in LEAN MUSCLE!

I am 6’5" 295lbs 23%bf…

My goal after the Velocity Diet is to be 270-275lbs and <20%bf…

How many tubs of protein will i need to purchase to get through the entire 28 days?

I will use that along with flax seed oil, salmon oil pills, and DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack, along with some tbsp of natural pb through out the day.

Anything else I will need?

Also I will be doing a hardcore cardio (HIIT program) and lifting hard as well…

I am doing this Velocity Diet to get me ready to put on some SOLID LEAN MUSCLE with my RPN havoc/ Anabolic pump stack and an extremely CLEAN diet! Hopefully I will be looking good after all this is said and done! I CANT WAIT TO NOT HAVE LOVE HANDLES ANYMORE!


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