I am Going to Start the V-Diet

I am excited, its going to be hard without my parents not knowing, but im either at school or at work. so i think i can pull it off. I have everything i need. I just have one question for anyone who can help me.

This is how my day is going to look like.

7:30 Shake
11:00 Shake
Workout Right AFter
2:00 shake
5:00 Shake
8:00 Shake
10:00 Shake

My question is when do i incorparate the fish oils and the flax seeds? Which meals should i add them? Note one thing, the only shake i can not use with a blender are the 11:00 am , 8:00pm, 10:00om because i am at work or at school.


You’re 148 pounds at 6’0". Stop this diet right now if you’re doing it and start learning how to eat correctly and gaining weight. The last thing you need to do is lose weight.

Read through this forum to learn about nutrition and training.

At 6’0", you should NOT be below 180 and 32 pounds below that is absurd.

How old are you?

hahaha i am so sorry. I am 190lbs 6’1. i havent been on here for a year

Hmm, that’s quite a bit better. I still personally think your a little bit too light for this diet but if you’ve put on 42 pounds in the last year then you’ve been doing something.

How old are you though still? Pictures would help whether you actually need the diet or not.

I wanted to do this diet when I was 170 pounds at 5’10", which would of made me one scrawny dude and glad people talked me out of it, just don’t want others to make the mistake I was going to do.

im not trying to lose 40lbs. im trying to lose 10lbs quick.its for wrestling

hhmmm I think it would be great if you had at home support but!!!


act right now on what ever it is that is telling you that you need a change.

ACT… DO and get it done

thanks. i am going to do that. I am trying ot cut down as much fat as possible, and drop to 170-175.

[quote]paki123 wrote:
thanks. i am going to do that. I am trying ot cut down as much fat as possible, and drop to 170-175.[/quote]

Aren’t you also the guy who just told me on another thread that you don’t even know where the diet is on this site?

And aren’t you a high school kid?

Do not do this diet. It is not for kids. AND I’d bet a shiny new quarter you’d do it wrong anyway, use the wrong supplements, etc.

Plenty of good nutrition and training info on this site for you, but the V-Diet is not for you.

PS: I now have your home phone number. If you do the diet I’m calling your mommy.

Just a question, not trying to flame. But why could i not do it? If i did everything right, what is the problem?

Your too young, the diet is not mean’t for kids. You aren’t done growing, your hormones aren’t stablized and you need FOOD to grow.

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