I Am Doing It


I have spent a few months working out using Thib’s HPM principles and have seen very nice results. Now it is time for a new goal - 6 pack abs. :slight_smile: I have just received the V-Diet package and am beginning to plan the workouts and HSM for the next 6 weeks. This is going to be fun. I am pumped to see what will happen.


Do it, man!

Take pics so we can all see the progress!


Welcome aboard!


I’m only a few days ahead of you jedalger. When are you starting?

Good luck!


Welcome! And it IS fun! Look forward to reading your log.


@ All -I appreciate the support! Reading other people’s experiences with this has shot up my confidence in this program. It simply makes sense. One of my co-workers has tried it and he tells me that I will lose so much body fat.

@late2thegame - my plan is to start Monday, bro. I am doing Pulse Feasts this weekend; and then the ride begins. It will be nice to go shopping in my closet. :slight_smile:


Day 1 /42

I couldn’t help myself…I started today. I just finished my dinner shake and so far, so good.
Here is how I have it laid out:
Any shakes that require Superfood (breakfast & dinner), I am using Strawberry Metabolic Drive. For some reason, the taste of Superfood did not agree with me in the past. It could be that I was shaking in a mixer bottle, instead of blending it. The strawberry flavor is masking it very well, and now I’m going to reap the benefits of this awesome product.
Lunches & snacks, I am using Vanilla Metabolic Drive and a dash of Orange liquid flavoring.
Bedtime is chocolate and Smuckers all natural peanut butter (one spoonful).
I am taking one Flameout and one FA3 for each meal that requires supplements.

So today I went walking with my wife for NEPA and afterwards she went to Arby’s for lunch! We went through the drive thru and she asked me to hold the bag on the way home. I looked at her and said “Really??”. I use to scarf down Arby’s like it was my job. So I scolded her and saying what she did was like handing a bottle of wine to a recovering alcoholic. :smiley:

Tomorrow begins the Velocity training and I am going with the intermediate program. During the week days, I will also be taking TRIBEX nightly. I am also a huge caffeine freak, so I am going to dial that back a bit while taking HOT-ROX.


Day 3 - The day of the cravings…

It amazes me how powerful the sense of smell is; and the habitual mental triggers that follow. My family bought some Dominos; and I use to be the one that would put away 14 - 25 chicken kickers. When I answered the door, the delivery guy handed me a former bad habit. I had doubts about sticking with the V-diet.

Seriously? Doubts on day 3? Do I have what it takes to go the distance?

You betcha, I do!

I have a clear vision of the goal. Anytime I face temptation, I remind myself of that vision.

Always endure. It is worth it.