I-3G, Plazma & MAG-10 with Greens

I have never had a very good diet. This was never a problem until my mid 40’s. When I had to go up two pants sizes in a year I decided to do something about it and am now 48 and wearing the same size I did in college. That being said, I still don’t like veggies. Dead animals and carbs are my preference. Since I recognize that isn’t good for me, I have started taking a Greens supplement.

Yes, its awful but I can choke it down quickly without having to eat all that yucky rabbit-food. I also don’t eat breakfast (can’t really, it makes me nauseous, although Greens, Plazma and Met Drive bars do not). My problem is this: Everything says to take it on an empty stomach. Also, I have just gotten my new order and I bought a couple boxes of FINiBARs.

My days go roughly like this:
6:00 get up and immediately take Indigo 3g.
6:30 drink first dose of plazma
6:40 Start workout by warming up on treadmill walking 1/2 mile then running 1/2 mile then walking 1/4 mile.
When done (7-ish), Start “sipping” my second dose of Plazma and continue throughout workout.
1 hour after workout drink first dose of MAG-10
30 minutes to an hour later, eat lunch.
around 3:00 take second dose of MAG-10
7:00 dinner
bedtime- third dose of MAG-10

So my questions are this: When should I drink the greens and when would be best to eat the FINiBARs. I know they should be before WO but I can’t wait an hour and still get everything done and getting up earlier isn’t realistic either. I have seen in some earlier posts that I should avoid greens with MAG-10. Why is this and when should I drink the green sludge?

First, there’s no need for the green sludge. Have you looked into <a href=""target=“new”>Superfood? Doesn’t taste bad and doesn’t include all the nonsense, allergenic, or T lowering ingredients found in the old-school hippy greens supps. It’s also fine to use Superfood with Mag-10 if you’d like.

Finibars are designed mainly for pre-workout but you can really have them any time, especially if you’re using Indigo-3G.

Not sure if you are familiar with them, but the greens sup I am taking is called Athletic Greens. I believe it is a little more modern hippie. Tie Dye only on Fridays. Regardless, I have it and intend to use it up so I need to know WHEN to take it that it won’t interfere with the other sups. I saw an earlier post warning about not taking greens with MAG-10. Can you tell me why and, based on my schedule, when I should take it?
Should I eat a fini bar with my pre dose of Plazma? How long before workout?
Thanks, Chris. You’re a great resource!

That supplement does contain a few allergenic hippy ingredients, but not too many. And oddly some diuretics… but whatever you’re happy with. It has some fiber too so that could “slow down” the pulse effect of Mag-10. Use it anytime, just not mixed directly into Mag-10. (It’s actually Indigo-3G that needs to really be separated from greens products.)

Finibar is best roughly 45 minutes before training or before Plazma.

Is there any issue with eating a FINiBAR at the same time as taking I3g? Or do I have to wait the 30 minutes after taking I3g?

First thing in the AM, Indigo-3G on a truly empty stomach is going to get in quickly so you can probably move that up to 15 minutes or so pre-Finibar if time is an issue.

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