Hypoglycemic Problem: Should I Continue?


Hi Chris-

A little background- I am prone to experiencing non-diabetic hypoglycemia. Yesterday was day 2 of the V-Diet. I had my morning workout and was feeling okay, but incredibly drowsy (not from lack of sleep). I was supposed to have my next meal around 11, but it got delayed by about 2 hours because of a long meeting at work. I then had a bad hypoglycemic reaction and even after I had my shake, I was incredibly hungry, had severe irritability and uncharacteristic mood swings, and was very drowsy. It did not get better, even after my next 2 meals (shakes). I ended up having to drink some OJ and have some carbs, which instantly helped and made me feel like my usual happy self.

I was ready to completely give up on the diet, but decided I would give it another shot today and see how I feel. I was very conscientious about eating every 3 hours, and that has helped tremendously. I feel fine today and want to continue the diet. I’m a little nervous because tomorrow is another workout day, and I’m not sure how my body will react. So I have 2 questions:

  1. is it okay to sip my Surge drink during workouts? I’ve read in forums that that seems to help people who are hypoglycemic. How long after the workout should I have my next meal?

  2. if I experience another of these severe reactions, is there any quick fix to solve the low blood sugar problem while still sticking with the diet?

Sorry for such a long post, I really appreciate your input on this! I am very excited about this diet and I want to stick with it to the end.


  1. Yes.

1.5. Whenever you feel you need it. For most, it’s about an hour or so, but it’s more about spreading out feedings evenly. You don’t want two shakes too far apart or too close together.

  1. I’m not expert in that area, sorry. If a sip of OJ helps, then that’s okay, just don’t overdo the calories.