Hypoglycemia After Peri Workout Nutrition

Hey guys, I´ve been on the Velocity Diet for a week now, and I´ve being having some problems with harsh hypoglycemic episodes after my workouts where I sip on my Surge thorughout the w/o (~1 hour) (50g dextrose, ~25g protein).

Before the V Diet, I would always follow my periworkout nutrition with a PWO carb containing meal, and I didnt go into hypoglycemia. Now that I do not follow my Surge with a carb containing meal, I enter into a hypoglycemic state where I satrt to shake, have cold sweats, etc uncontrollably about an hour after I finish my Surge (and workout).

I assume this is not normal for most V Dieters, why does it happen to me (My fasting blood glucose levels have always been good and have not had any signs of any sort of diabetes). What can I do to avoid the hypoglycemia, and, if I should stop taking periworkout nutrition, what would the consequences of a very low carb diet, like a V Diet without periWO nutrition be in terms of muscle loss etc?

Thanks guys

Yes, you really need the Surge to recover from the workouts, build and protect muscle, and get the carb cycling effect. Otherwise the V-Diet would just be a low-carb diet. What you could try is moving down to half a serving of Surge, then having 1-2 scoops of Metabolic Drive afterward before any hypoglycemic type of response begins.

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