Hypetrophic Layer Eating


Once I start CT’s Hyper Layers I’m going to hit about 3-6 months of hard core building. Then decide about taking it to the next level. I want to budget in the Super Stack each month and keep Indigo in the mix.

I’m just wondering what you think and/or recommend of my plan below…sticking with 2 pulses per day everyday (1 pulse in morning and 1 pulse 15 min post workout), 1 Finibar on training days maybe everyday, and 3 scoops Plazma 5 days a week, Peri Workout.

Heres the layout:

7 AM - 1 Pulse (11g carbs)

10 AM - 2 servings of Instant Oats (60g carbs)

1 PM - 1 Finibar (40g carbs)

4 PM - Indigo-3G

5 PM - 6:30 PM - Plazma (113g carbs)

6:45 PM - 1 Pulse (11g carbs)

7:45 PM HSM with White Rice (100g carbs) (Fats) (40-60g Solid Protein)
(6g fishoil, 6g Vit D)
(Elitepro Minerals before beddy)

**Obviously I’ll increase carbs as I see necessary keeping fats at around 30-40g per day.

  1. Do you think I can get by with 2 pulses…with my looking at my total protein intake for the day?

  2. I like the Finibar around 1:00 PM - 1:30 at work…but will it be better to wait and place it an hour before training at 5 PM? I would have a big hunger gap though during the afternoon, not sure that will work.

Remember this is a mass stage trying to keep fat gain minimal as possible…thanks for the coaching as always.

Looks pretty solid.

I find that given the types of carbs in Finibar and being on Indigo-3G, most people can have a Finibar whenever they want. I sometimes have mind a couple of hours before training with no worries.

The two Mag-10 pulses with give you 40g of protein, but as you know that protein is like getting triple or more of “regular” grams of protein.

If you think you need to bump it, I’d add some protein to the oatmeal. I think every meal needs some protein. Eggs whites should work with your plan (keeping dietary fat in check.)

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