Hurdles While Starting the V-Diet

I have spent the last few weeks researching the V-Diet and figured that the first week of school would be a good time to give it a shot. I’ll have less free time and will not be as interested in drinking or doing anything else that might be harmful to the program.

I’m about half way through my first day and can say that I am very much looking forward to getting some of that peanut butter in me. I’m at work and my stomach is feeling pretty tight and uncomfortable, but it’s the first day and I think it’s something that I can deal with for a while and get used to. I also haven’t had an opportunity to have a shake blended in ice either so I think having some of those later will help that feeling go away from the solid(ish) ice.

There are two things that are going to be issues with this. I am in the National Guard and next weekend we are going to be spending all Saturday and Sunday at the unit without the ability to leave and I won’t be able to have any shakes there either as the leadership won’t allow it. That is five meals in a row that are going to be deviating from the diet.

We do usually have salads and vegetables, and if we’re lucky we’ll be taken to dinner at a local buffet or something and I can choose between a lot of veggies and some, hopefully, healthy protein options. This is only two days and I feel that if I’m smart during these it shouldn’t be too bad. My eye for portions and nutrition has gotten pretty good over the last few years so I think I can make smart and educated choices during this weekend.

My second hurdle is a boxers break I have in my right hand on the bone that attaches to the ring finger. I hurt it again over the weekend and I’m not sure how long it will stay hurting for. The initial break hurt so bad I couldn’t type or even write, but hurting it like I did this weekend is relatively common and tends to only last for about a week or so. I can still grip pretty well with the pointer and middle fingers so I will just have to adapt and do higher rep and lighter weight exercises in the mean time so that I can still get my workouts in.

I took some pictures of me yesterday, and will take all my measurements when I get off of work so that I can measure my progress and I’ll make sure to post that information later on.

Not much to tell you, just work around those issues the best you can. Sounds like you have a plan for it already.

You may not get full V-Diet results in fat loss or cravings/taste changes, but you should still get some nice results.

I’ve been pretty nutritionally sound for about two years ago, and lost my desire to eat any sweets a really long time ago. I’m using this diet to bust through a final plateau and to test my discipline. I think this coming weekend is going to be the biggest challenge because of the army thing, but there will be excercise, plenty of rest and hopefully the ability to eat some nutritional food.

As for the workouts I expect only a week or so of issues with that, the only thing that will probably suffer for a little longer than that would be the deadlift I think, but I should still be able to get around 70% max weight within a week so I don’t think the hand should be that big of an issue.

I’ve been hurt in various ways over the past couple years so I’ve come to accept and deal with the lean muscle mass that comes with a watered down lifting program during injuries. I tend to gain the muscle back and get to where I was pre-injury pretty quickly.

It’s the end of my first day and I feel great. The twisting in my stomach quit around the time I had my second to last shake. I’m just sitting online waiting to go to bed now and everything is going awesome. I think this is something I can keep up pretty easily.

Half way through day 2 and I still feel fine. My hand is actually feeling quite good today compared to what I figured it would be so I should be able to get a pretty solid workout in today along with my walk. I’m pretty jacked up from the HOT-ROX, but my body will adjust to the ‘speed’ in a few days I assume. I’m feeling the tightening in my stomach again, but that subsided yesterday so I assume it wont be an issue here in a few hours.

The biggest problem was that last night I ended up being uncomfortably gassy prior to bed. Has anyone else had this issue, and does it eventually go away?

Gas, yes I have that problem. I normally get into a headstand, no joke, to help “release”. Its hard for me to “release” normally.

Haha, how far along in the program are you? I felt quite a bit better on my second day. I still had some cramps, but I don’t know if they were gas related or just because of the lack of solid food in my stomach over two straight days. I feel a lot better today already, but I’m really hot. I think it’s the pills though.

Im on day 17 now.

I’m glad you are feeling a lot better today. It may have just been your body getting use to the diet. Not sure about the hotness since a few of us on the diet now have had the reverse problem caused by the ice in the shakes and drafty windows (me).

Stay with it and you’ll get some results.

Actually I’m up in Minnesota right now and it is FREEZING lately so I haven’t gotten any ice yet, and I have no trays. I still feel fine just drinking the shakes so I’m good with that for now. It’s kind of nice to feel hot when it’s -20 outside, haha.

Today I did my first workout. I did Waterbury’s intermediate workout. I did a circuit of pull ups, bench press and deadlifts seven times using as much weight as I thought I could muster, and on my last round on the circuit I did reps on each exercise until I maxed out. I wanted to do some shrugs and calf presses as well, but I had some pain in my kidney’s and was flat out exhausted so I went home.

Some notes: The last time I was at the gym, and therefore the last time I weighed myself, was January 2. On that day, and for a few months before that, I weighed within a few pounds of 200 pretty consistently. I started the diet on January 12 and in the ten days between my last workout and starting the diet I ate like crap and drank booze like a fish. I was working out and eating well for about 4 months consistently before that.

I didn’t weigh in when I started the diet. Today I came in at 193. This means I lost 7 pounds in a week and a half and am a total of three days into the diet. I was taking creatine as well right up until my last workout. I’m not particularly huge or anything so I don’t think I lost too much muscle or even fat, so I assume it’s mostly water weight. I did, however, weigh 200 pounds for several months so it’s at least nice to see the scale moving in the desired direction. Whether it’s moving because of fat loss, or water loss it’s still a hell of a motivator.

I was also extremely surprised that my hand barely affected my workout whatsoever. The bench was the only thing that suffered, but I was still able to get up pretty descent weight. I was extatic about this!!!

Hey there! Glad to see you’re making it around your injuries etc. Brrr - Minnesota,you may be better off without the ice!

Well today I just realized that the diet is definitely all or nothing. I went out with some friends and just had a grilled chicken salad and was completely stuffed after a bit of lettuce and eating the grilled chicken.

I made sure not to eat any carbohydrates during the meal, but after four days of not having anything but liquids I felt like hell after having even that small amount of food in my stomach. I’m still doing well, and will be at the gym tomorrow to check the scale again.

Also I’ve started to try different things to curb my cravings for food. I’ve never really had a sweet tooth so eating vanilla and chocolate all day is starting to get old. Spicy foods are my absolute favorite so when I get a really strong craving I just take a couple of dabs of hot sauce on my fingertip and then lick it off.

The different flavor really helps and I don’t feel so limited.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that for everyone because it might make the desire to go beyond that too strong, but I used this method about 4 months ago when I quit smoking.

I found that even though I was quitting that it was helpful for me to still go outside with people when they were smoking because I enjoyed the smell of it.

Most people I know who try to quit avoid other smokers like the plague, but this method worked for me and I haven’t smoked since September 1st. I think this is the same with the hot sauce. The extra dab helps me, but might be too much for someone else.

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