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Hey guys! I’m just finishing up my first day on the V-Diet. I can say this: I underestimated the cravings I’d have even when I wasn’t hungry. But I pressed through and made it.

I’ll have pictures up in the next day or so. But, for starters, here are my measurements:

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 200

Neck: 16
Shoulders: 46
Chest - Upper: 41
Chest - Lower: 39.5
Waist @ Navel: 38
Waist @ Largest: 38
Hips @ Largest: 41
Upper Arm L: 13.5
Upper Arm R: 13.5
Upper Leg L: 25
Upper Leg R: 24.5
Lower Leg L: 16
Lower Leg R: 16
Ankle L: 9.5
Ankle R: 9.5

First workout is tomorrow. I ran through them last week to help figure out the weights I needed and I think I’m close. One thing I need to work on is form - my back was killing me after the first round of deadlifts. I did it again a few days later and I think I’m closer. Tomorrow will tell me how well I’m doing.


Welcome aboard!

One of the big lessons of the V-Diet is learning to differentiate between hunger and habit.

Hunger is real: the stomach is empty; the body needs nutrients.

Habit is eating because “it’s time” or giving in to a craving, which is false hunger often related to the addictive nature of modern foods.

Takes about 21 days to break the spell. Well worth it. Just have to grind it out until the “shift” occurs.

One trick is to remind yourself that you’re getting nutrition multiple times per day with the V-Diet, every 3 hours or so. In fact, given the Superfood, Flameout and shakes, you’re actually hyper-nourished, getting more good stuff in you than the average overweight person who eats 3-4 times as many calories. (The very overweight are often malnourished ironically.)

So, you’re never “hungry.” Not really, or at the very least not much and not for long.

Keep us posted!


Deads are tricky, but once you get the form down, they’ll be a staple for your regimen.

HOT-ROX will definitely help with the appetite.

Also, have you ever tried freezing a shake? Blend it up with plenty of ice and water, then pour it into a bowl and let it half-freeze (don’t remember how long that takes), then eat it with a spoon.


Day 2 is over and I nearly shot myself in the foot. I had arranged lunch with my mentor about a month ago and we kept the appointment. I arrived early and they set out the most delicious smelling biscuits that I quickly pushed to the other side of the table. About halfway through I thought about stealing one of his french fries but didn’t.

Later in the day I went to Wal-Mart to buy all natural peanut butter (instead of the “organic” stuff that I had purchased that was full of organic oils and sugars) and couldn’t find it. I wondered the isles for 15 minutes before finally finding it. The whole time I thought “I gotta get outta here quick!” I was tempted to buy a bag of chips because “No one would know”. Well, no one except me.

Did workout #1 today. I still need to tweak the weights and get my form down right on the bent-over row. I had a 70 pound dumbbell on for the squat and feel like I could still do more. Does that sound right to anyone else? It seems high (I’m a newbie to lifting) but my form seems to be spot on when I watch the video.

That’s it for now. Have a great week everyone!



A psychologist once told me that self control is a lot like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. So your lunch experience and wal-mart outing were healthy exercises. The more you do that sort of thing without giving in, the more it’ll become second nature to make the healthy choice.

Pretty soon you’ll take a look at those french fries and see them as “non-food.” Your body functions optimally on high grade fuel, why give it junk?


Today was easier but I’m feeling a little ill. Had trouble wanting to finish my shakes - esp. the ones with the superfood and flaxseed in it.


Feel free to just drink Superfood by itself with only water. I know a few people who really enjoy superfood on its own. It contains EGCG-- the good stuff in green tea-- so it might be slightly stimulating. I prefer it early in the day.

And if the flax is giving you issues, it’s okay to back off it.

When I was on the V-Diet, my stomach couldn’t handle the flax at first, so I had to remove it completely, then add it back little by little as time went on.

It won’t hurt your progress if you take out the flax. It certainly didn’t hurt mine.


Yesterday was good. I removed the flaxseed from the shakes and they went down smooth. I’m adding sugarless/flavorless (almost no flavor) fiber and it is working well.

Today is HSM day. I’m thinking steak…


Today was HSM meal day.

Clockwise from the fork:

Aged ribeye with a teriyaki & worcestershire glaze
Green apple chutney
Marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast
Spinach & red bell pepper salad with pomegranate vinaigrette dressing
Middle: Baked yam “french fries”

Not pictured: rice flour spiced cheese bread


Looks like you had a fantastic HSM.

Hope it gave you the physical and mental boost you’ll need to tackle this next week. You’ve got it in the bag, HBomber.


Thanks for the encouragement Danielle! I appreciate it.

Yesterday was slow moving. I had to move Friday’s workout to Saturday because I got stuck at work for an extra couple of hours and then met up with people for a previously planned event. The deadlifts are KILLING my back. My form, from what I can tell, is good. But it was hard to move yesterday. Today feels looser though and I’m not as slow moving.

I had a bunch of friends over for HSM night to eat dinner and watch the basketball games. They brought chips with them and left some here - and I had a few Fritos yesterday. They’re now in the trash. Felt dumb about it - I don’t want to keep the old habits.


Weigh in day was yesterday - down 6 pounds. Giddy-up!




Hey guys! Sorry for going MIA this week. Things at work are CRAZY. We’re down 2 people in a company of 14. If you’ve got some great computer tech experience we’re hiring!

I’ll be honest - this week was garbage. I worked three 10+ hour days including one day that was 12+ hours. My NEPA walks went out the window and didn’t follow the precise diet plan. The gym has been difficult too because my back has been a wreck from the deadlifts. Seriously - it has been hard to move some days. Any advice there?

I’m refocused and more determined than ever though. This week my motto is: “No excuses! Pull your head out of your poop-shoot and get it done!”


Today went great - very disciplined. Did my V-Diet challenge and finished in about 45 minutes. Forgot how tiring it can be.

I’m taking a tub with me to work tomorrow so I don’t fall into the traps as last week.

Have a great week everyone!


It’s great that you’ve discovered this strategy and that you’ll be prepared for the temptations.

That kind of thinking will be helpful even after the diet. Keep it up!