Hungry at Bedtime: MAG-10? Plus...?


So I’ve run into this problem a few times, and I wanted to get some suggestions.

I usually eat dinner around 8:30, sometimes finishing close to 9:30. Bedtime is often around midnight or 1am.

I’m using the Plazma Super Stack plan with the PM workout, so bedtime is MAG-10 dose time.

But the point of MAG-10 is to create a spike in amino acids, then return to baseline…

…and it doesn’t seem to do much on the hunger side.

So, what would be best to do?

These are some things I’ve tried:

  • Eat a tablespoon or two of peanut butter. Save the MAG-10 for waking up in the middle of the night.

  • Drink the MAG-10 and eat some nuts.

  • Drink a dose of Metabolic Drive (or the calories/satiation), and save the MAG-10 for waking up in the middle of the night.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
=> Shadowhawk


I think MD may be a better choice for a night protein as it’s slow released, have that and some good fats maybe some cottage cheese or yogurt if you need more food. Maybe you aren’t getting enough food throughout the day… You could blend the shake to make it very thick or even eat it as a pudding.

Also, I wouldn’t worry about having a shake in the middle of the night, just get back bed as quick as possible. You could also try going to sleep earlier when you have satiety.

Eating a casein protein like cottage cheese and MD will give you a slow absorbed protein so ideally it keeps feeding you.


Any of those choices are fine really. We’ve seen people have success with all of them. It’s pretty natural to get hungry 4 hours or so after a meal; you just happen to stay up late enough to get hungry again.


Thanks for the look and the replies!


I take my Metabolic Drive right before bed and use MAG-10 throughout the day between meals. This works well for me. Both supplements feed and help me to recover from my workouts at a very acceptable level.