HSMs on the Go

What meals are you V-Lifers taking with you on the go?

I’m nearing the end of my V-Diet, and I don’t want to fall back into the old trap of not planning and taking meals with me to work. I’m going to end up having a V-Diet shake for breakfast and still eating 2-3 other meals at the office with only a fridge and a microwave at my disposal. I’d really like to know what HSMs everyone else is taking to work.

My old routine was chicken breast and mixed veggies with various spices, or tuna and a simple romaine/spinach salad with some nuts thrown in. I’ll be eating a lot more meals at work now, and with only a few options it will get boring quickly. I’m not so much worried about fats ,but I want to eat low carb Paleo style.

I do a whole chicken in my crock pot, and roast a bunch of veggies in the oven once or twice a week and take a good portion of each, bags of mixed nuts, a bit of cheese or some kind of almond flour snack (muffin, cookie etc) I keep it pretty basic outside the house then jazz it up a bit more for dinner or breakfast, eggs, bbq, stuff like that

Thanks for the ideas. I’m really excited about trying some of the almond flour goodies. I also think I’m going to start cooking full chickens and not just tons of chicken breasts over and over. Can you elaborate mroe on how you cook the whole bird in the crock pot seems like an easy idea.

what I do is get either a whole chicken from the store, or I’ve got a local farm that does free range grass fed beef and chicken grab one of those (I ordered tons from them, big cash payout but now I have meat for months in the freezer) if the it’s frozen I’ll defrost it in the fridge overnight/all day then put it in the crock pot with a shake of salt and pepper or some garlic powder then turn the temperature to low and let it cook for about 10 hours. You’ll know a chicken is done if you pull on one of the legs and it easily separates from the rest of the bird. A beef or pork roast can be done the same way.

At that point I just shred it up with a fork, take out the bones and organs and some of the skin if it’s excessively greasy (but no reason to fear the fat) and then save it in the fridge.

I did read a post on Mark’s Daily Apple, and I believer they touched on it here in one of the myth buster articles that say it’s more about total calories and protein/fat/carbs in a day than it is about meal frequency, so personally I don’t sweat not having “six small meals” You’ll find that all the protein and fats will fill you up so you won’t necisarily need to eat all day. Chris talks about it as being “body aware”.

Do you put water in with the chicken?

Nope, just some dry spices, when it’s done there will be tons of liquid, you could probably save it to make home-made chicken broth/stock, but I’ve never done that. The meat is pretty moist, adding some more liquid may make it a little more moist but I haven’t tried it.

thanks Ill have to try it. I know right after Thanksgiving you can buy whole turkeys for next to nothing Ill stock up.

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