I’m sorry if this was written somewhere, but I dug around and couldn’t find it. Which shake should the HSM replace (ie a 2-scoop or 1-scoop one)? I know you’ve mentioned which day it falls on (and which meal) it should replace, I’m just not sure how many scoops of Metabolic Drive Low Carb to take out from the day.

I’m on day 4 and rocking it, so thank you already!

A two-scoop shake is best to replace. And you can cut some of the flax on HSM day.

Thought so, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks again for being so available for even the most mundane questions.

What is your go-to or favorite HSM?

When I was on the V-Diet it was going to a good steakhouse and having a sirloin, a salad, and a pile of grilled vegetables. Today it would be my homemade chicken-fried steak, which can be found in the HSM and Recipes forum.

Sounds and looks delicious! Not sure there’s a Brazilian Steakhouse around, though that would be awesome. I’m dreaming of steamed broccoli and maybe a sweet potato or some brown rice with… salmon, perhaps! Might just make it at home - I miss cooking more than eating.

Those choices sound perfect!

I did write in the V-Diet plan about a serving of “whole wheat pasta” as a carb option. I’ve totally changed my tune on that and would suggest avoiding wheat in the HSMs because it can cause cravings and trigger overeating. Not what we want here!

Having been gluten free for 4 years previously, I’m sort of happy to be going back to at least a much more gluten free diet. The idea of being celiac-style gluten free paranoid again is more than I want to take on, though.

Pasta has never been a favorite, and I can now say I run much better on healthier carbs, preferring them taste-wise, too! I’ve always been a healthy eater, preferring vegetables over pasta, fruit over cake since I was a kid, but somehow I slid into this nasty rut of crappy eating. More out of a weird compulsion/addiction/habit/convenience thing than really preferring the taste or how I felt after.

I can’t wait to get back to cooking and eating whole foods again. Still pretty surprised at how GOOD I feel day 6 into the V-diet! HSM on Friday :slight_smile:

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