HSM Was Amazing!

8 oz Grass Fed NY strip (fat trimmed off, charcoal grilled with mesquite!)
Two cobs organic corn
Organic very small sweet potato
Salad with organic tomato

I ordered Berardi’s ‘Gourmet Nutrition’ and am hoping to implement something from that book for my next HSM. It’ll be a lot easier to count the cals and macros using that, I would imagine.

I also look forward to using GM’s recipes along with some of the great ideas Chris has posted to get my nutrition in gear. I have no idea what I was eating, but I was working out 1.5 hours a day 4-5 days a week and for a while there, I was also doing an extra hour of cardio (1.5 hours cardio) three days a week.

I’ve learned that you just can’t exercise all the crap calories away - especially at the age of 33.

Regarding Gourmet Nutrition, are the ‘anytime meals’ okay for my one HSM/week or should I stick to the lower carb stuff?

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