HSM Recommendation

I started the Velocity Diet on Monday 6/16. The first two days were a little rough – I swear my sense of smell has greatly increased since starting this diet. I feel a lot more normal today but I am really looking for to the HSM – which should be this Sunday, right?

Are there any recommendations, guidelines, suggested meals? If possible I would like to grill the meat – Would love a cheese burger but will settle for a regular burger. Should I make a Bison Burger, with green beans, and brown rice? Need suggestions for portion sizes.

All these guidelines are in the V-Diet plan.

So I ran into a bit of an issue yesterday. My car battery died on me in a mall parking lot and AAA didn’t get to my car for an hour, and then took an hour to replace my battery. Of course, this is when I’m supposed to have my healthy solid meal. Probably should always keep some protein in the car for moments like these.

Chipotle was literally fifty feet from my car and I have been looking forward to my HSM all week. I survived temptation after temptation while taking my wife to wine country and the movies. Never took a sip of wine, a taste of crackers, etc. Just drank my water and protein shakes. However, this was a bit of a breaking moment because I was starving.

I used the nutrition calculator on Chipotle to see what I could get. Hope this wasn’t too much of a fail on my part. Would it have been better to just move the HSM to the following day? What would you have ordered (if at all)

In case the picture doesn’t load:
Steak - Double
Black Beans
Fajita Veggies
Tomato Salsa
Red Salsa (spicy)
No Torilla or Rice
Was going to order the lettuce but it looked a little questionable.

Calories: 775
Protein: 73g
Carbs: 47g
Fats: 34.5

That looks fine. A little high in calories maybe, but that’s fine too when only having one HSM per week. It should be sort of a healthier refeed. Even adding some rice next time is a-ok (maybe add rice and just get one portion of meat). Good choices when in a jam! Keep it up!

Thanks for the critique. I was going back and forth over double steak with guacamole & beans or single steak with brown rice and beans. I tend to feel more satisfied with higher protein/fat so I went with the former. Just plugged in the latter and it would be a 100 calories less. This was my first time using a nutrition calculator and it was quite informative. Going forward I will have to learn to use them more often to make sure I stay on track.

Not to get too far ahead of myself, but what would be your recommendation for calories per a HSM for the first week after the Velocity Diet? Second week? Just need a general ball park figure so I can plan ahead. Thanks!

One of the goals of the V-Diet is to make healthy food selection automatic. No calorie counting required. Always making good food decisions tends to help you auto-regulate calories. So I don’t emphasize counting calories. But obviously you’d be getting higher calories after the strict phase of the V-Diet (can’t “diet” all the time after all - end result would be anorexia or metabolism issues.) Generally speaking, expect to add a few hundred cals over where you’re at now on non-HSM days. The V-Diet calculator has those numbers for you. Then, for continued fat loss, the goal should be to build muscle (raise the metabolism) and use good training to keep it going if needed.

Good article on this:

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