HSM Recipes Here, Everything Fair Game?


Just started the V-diet today and am surfing the HSM recipe forum so I can shop and have everything on hand for my 4 HSM’s. The question I have is, is everything in there fair game while on the V-Diet? In particular I was looking at the Sushi Zero and turkey bacon cheeseburgers. They look delicious but seems like that volume of food would be a shock to the system after a week on liquids. Not to mention the fact they must be considerably more calorie dense than 1 shake.


While something like the turkey bacon burger is huge don’t forget you eat until you are full. Plus, its not like an actual hamburger…I think Chris goes into detail about that in the recipe. So since your following the mindful eating rules something like that fits in just fine for your HSM.

I can’t remember the recipe exactly but drop the bun if you were planning on using one!


Follow the HSM guidelines in the V-Diet plan. The recipe section is more of a catch-all for all types of diets.


Thanks Chris. Guess I’ll have to wait a few weeks to try out some of those delicious recipes…