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I was unable to locate a post offering any ideas for HSMs and I had a particular question, so here we are.

Would Vietnamese food be a good choice for your HSM? Vietnamese food in general is extremely healthy (to my knowledge) and very tasty with subtle flavors and textures.

If anyone is familiar then I’m looking at Rice Noodles with Fish balls. (Let’s refrain from the attempts at humor there, kay?)

I’m in my week 1 of the V-Diet and am anticipating my meal :slight_smile:
(Refusing to post my ‘log’ of the V-Diet until I am past week 1)

Thank you for your input,


I had noodles with chicken/cashew with an extra side dish of shrimps. Easy when there are Wok-to-go’s every where in the city during the weekend hehe.

My favorite HSM when i did the V-Diet was Steak, veggies and a sweet potato.

Friday there is a Bday and a BBQ…guess for which day I planned my HSM :wink:

It really depends on how the food is prepared. I think there are better choices out there than noodles and fish balls.

Also, you really want to get veggies in there: big spinach salad, steamed broccoli, etc. That will really instill a craving for these foods and help change your food-related behaviors and negative eating habits.

See my post here for more HSM info:

Thank you everyone and Chris especially. The majority of the meal in question is pasta so it’s not really the goal and pretty much the exact opposite of what we’re going for… (high carb, low protein).

No worries… I can find something else! :slight_smile:

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