HSM on Which Day?


I am now on my fourth day! Hurray! Some friends are coming over and we are suppossed to eat together (date was set 2 months ago). I dont’t crave for solid food or anything and my friends don’t mind if i would eat a healthy solid meal instead of their unhealthy solid meal.

My question is: do i need to take the healthy solid meal on the 7th day of the week or can i take it on the fourth day (so next meal wil be 7 days later). What is prefered ? I won’t mind drinking another shake;) But feels akward when every is eating for 30 min orso


It’s better to wait and stay on schedule.

It’s a slippery slope. You start switching things around and it’s easier to fall off the wagon. I suggest a shake. Your friends will survive seeing you not chew.

If you must bow to peer pressure and eat to “fit in” then you won’t get another HSM for 7 days. Basically, it’s 4 HSMs per 4 week V-Diet. Sometimes 3 if your Transition phase starts right after HSM day. As long as you don’t go over that you’re fine, but it is risky to start moving them around, plus it’s better to space them evenly.