HSM Meals Portion Size

it’s my 2nd day on the diet and overall things have been going good.

Haven’t been crazy hungry other than approaching lunchtime.

Anyway, for my HSM (dinner) meals I feel like I have been eating a lot compared to my usual sized meals.

Yesterday, my Lifting day I had to consume 10 oz of chicken, a medium sweet potato and 12 asparagus spears just to get to 423 cals.

When I usually eat my meals I usually eat anywhere from 5-8 oz so to eat 10 oz of chicken was weird and I felt full before finishing.

Today I had 6 oz of chopped steak, red,yellow bell peppers and 1/4 cup of quinoa and hit about 560 cals. This seemed much more manageable to eat. but still more food than I would expect to eat on a diet or shred.

Does anything seem off, or do we truly eat this much for the HSM meals?

Also, I have been weighing my meats after they are cooked.

Thanks for your help and good luck to everyone.


Nope, sounds like you’re on track. Like the book says, as long as you’re in the 400-700 calorie range (depending on training day or not) and you following the meal guidelines for food choices, you’re set.

In the context of the overall plan and daily diet, it’s exactly right and plenty effective. That’s why it was designed that way. :wink:

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