HSM Hell!

So after grinding through a second week I’m now at HSM#2, however one of the worst possible things has happened. I’ve gotten a cold (swollen glands, sneezing and runny nose) and I don�??t think I’ll be able to appreciate nor taste today�??s meal. Debating about putting it off for a few days until I’m feeling better but maybe eating a nice healthy meal will aid with this crap feeling. Been waiting for 7 days and now this.
Plus I still need to go out and walk for an hour to get in my NEPA!
What’s and insane person on an insane diet to do?

I am sorry to hear you have a cold :frowning: Hope you’ll get better soon.

I would either eat something damn spicy and hot, securing me to be able to taste it anyway :wink:

Or, I would wait for a few days, for my taste to come back againg, and just keep drinking the shakes.

The NEPA walk, as it is described in Chris’s sticky, is nothing you need to be afraid of doing on a cold.

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