HSM Guidelines


I started the V-Diet about 4 days ago. I’m struggling with what I can have for my HSM. I understand the lean protein, veggies, and starch outline. Where I get lost is with “extras.” For instance, can I add herbs and spices, or salad dressing? Can I have things like hummus with carrots, or can I have whole wheat pasta, or fruit? I’m just a little lost on what, overall, I need to avoid in my HSM. Is it best to follow guidelines of a “clean eating” diet to prepare my HSM until I get the hang of this? Any tips or advice is GREATLY appreciated.


I’m currently on day 11 of the diet. As far as the HSM goes, I believe you’re allowed to play around with it, as long as you stick within the guidelines. I would avoid heavy dressings, as it’s a waste of calories and won’t fill you up. Same with the pasta- last night I cooked spaghetti squash instead, just because you can consume so much more substance for less calories.

If hummus and carrots are your thing, why not? They’re both healthy foods… just stay within the guidelines, and have fun cooking the HSM. You’ll start to look forward to it so much that anything sounds good, even dry spinach salads at times. Have fun!