HSM Calorie Counts


Does the meal need to fit into daily allowed calories or may we exceed those or is it above and beyond the shakes… Also id imagine we are able to drink as much water as we want…
I am also concerned about losing muscle, Id like to add tribulus to my supps, will this affect my results.

About 9 mths ago I did 43 days of hcg lost 51 lbs, got back into gym and was half as strong…9 mths later I have only lost about 4 additional incheses around waist and lost about 6-7 lbs…added an 1.5 " to quads and .5" on biceps…Im a little stronger now than prior to hcg run…

Im not fatigued after work out, but will not do any additional cardio due to not wanting to lose muscle…also front squat is about 50% of my back squat (have never done them till now) should I continue or swit h to back…curious if I can add a 5 excercise compound 5 reps x 3 sets to workout and freestyle swim on off days…right now I ride my bike 10-15 miles daily commuting…im 40 6’3 260 probably 25% bf at most…goal is 15%…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

  1. The HSM will likely be a little higher in cals than the shake it replaces. That’s fine, as long as it’s not a “cheat” meal.

  2. Yes, water is always fine to drink.

  3. Done correctly, you will not lose muscle on the V-Diet. Multiple protective mechanisms are in place, if you’re using the correct supplements and generally following the training and NEPA guidelines. But adding something like Tribex will not hurt.


Hey boss, thanks for getting back to me , im on 4th day…hsm I will skip 4 scoops and eat 14-16 oz chicken 3 cups broccoli or more and 2 red potatoes about 750-800 calories one meal…is that cool…if not, please give me max calories for hsm…I wanna do this to a T, I have high expectations…Ive only skipped the HOT-ROX outta supps, I get wired and cant sleep on fat burners…thanks again…


That HSM sounds great. Good choices. Don’t sweat the exact number of calories since it’s just one healthy solid meal per week.


Morning of day 7…down 12.5#/3.75" total body…lost .25" of quads, more than likly fat…25 off neck, also fat my guess…im impressed, hard diet for me nothing easy bout it…unable to drink all shakes, down 4 scoops…100+ here in az and I ride my bike 12 miles daily on average…what do you think of adding a serving of Surge and serving of pb in replace of on daily basis…im eating 2 hsm today to make up for caooric deficit 120 gm slow carbs , veggies 1.75 lb chicken breast…
…apprecite the time and effort you put into answering our questions boss…


Sorry, I really don’t know what you’re asking.


Replacing 3 scoop shake with Surge…its easier to drink, my cardio is high due to commuting on bike…


Surge isn’t really made for that. It’s for weight training only. And a bike commute isn’t anything to worry about typically.