HSM and Carbs

I was wondering about cutting out or reducing carbs in the HSM in the diet? My main concern would be getting adequate fiber, but by “cutting carbs” I would still be getting plenty of green vegetables/roughage in the diet.

Only asking because I’m not overweight, but using this diet to really lean out before summer, and am concerned I’ll need some extra help. Has this been toyed with before, and what are people’s experiences with this?

1 more quick question- Normally I work out around 10 am and can have a shake for breakfast, but on Saturdays, I plan on doing the V-Burn first thing when I wake up. Is Plazma cool on an empty stomach? Thanks.

  1. The V-Diet will still be on the low side when it comes to carbs even with the HSM. (It was never meant to be a very low carb or keto plan.) The calorie guidelines will keep carbs controlled because there’s just not much room to add too many carbs. You can tweak the amount if you’d like though.

  2. It’s fine to take Plazma on an empty stomach.

Cool, thanks Chris!

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