Howzit! 50 y/o Male Heavyweight Looking to Improve Health


I just received my very first order of Indigo-3G and Plazma after reading various posts on peri-nutrition and insulin sensitivity and felt as if all those articles were talking about dis Hawaiian! LOL. As my profile states, I am 50 y/o, male 290 lbs of mostly body fat with a little tone, not too bad as I have been weightlifting again for just a few months again. Okay for transparency, just started this New Year again! I have been trying to get healthy throughout the years by eating the proverbial 6-8 meals a day crap!

I am currently working out at 5 am fasted and was using alot of products from other name brands with no change to the way I feel or look. Again, I was relying on pre workout supplement drinks and post work out shakes kinda thing for years.

Biotest seems to have made it easier on my pre and intra with the use of Plazma (cant wait to break the package open and even went and bought me a 2000 ml Nalgene bottle from Biotest!)

Also with all my issues with high glucose and diagnosed as pre-diabetic, (possibly self induced from the old way of dieting!) I received my order of Indigo-3G!

Just looking for anabolic dosing custom to me on Plazma and Indigo-3G as I am not currently eating any real clean food until after my 5 am workout.

Also looking for a simple no-nonsense 4-5 times a day meal plan to lose fat and add muscle size to my worn out body with chronic back pain through strength training.

Mahalo for reading and for your assistance in advance!



Lots of people do see good results eating more meals per day, but I don’t believe it’s 100% “necessary”. This article kinda backs me up on that. If it works for you and your daily schedule, cool. But if you’re getting in a panic to fit in enough meals, there’s nothing wrong with the standard 3 squares a day as long as you’re still getting the appropriate nutrition.

The Simple Diet for Athletes article has a few basic steps to make sure you’re getting on the right track. That’s a good place to start to make sure you’re covering the big picture.


Thank you for your quick response Chris!

I also found this article to be very helpful Eat more to build but not that much more

Thank you!


Awesome thank you for your help Chris!