How to Use Plazma™ & Mag-10® Together

Sten asks:

How do you suggest using Plazma™ and Mag-10® together? I normally take creatine pre workout and Plazma™ during workout and a protein shake post workout. Not sure where to include the Mag-10® or what to switch out for it. Any advice is much appreciated.

You’re already pretty close bud, you’d sub out your current post-workout protein shake for a Mag-10. So all put together:

-15 min pre workout- begin sipping Plazma, and drink through training
-Post workout - 1 serving (2 scoops) Mag-10
-45-60 min later - whole foods post workout meal

Please be sure to post with any additional questions!


Yep, Rob’s spot on with using Mag-10 in place of whatever post-workout shake you’re using. It’s the best protein for that situation. This article explains why the casein hydrolysate in it is perfect for the job.

One other option would also be to just drop the post-workout shake entirely, since having Plazma before and during covers your workout nutrition perfectly, and throw the Mag-10 to either between two meals or right before bed.

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