How to Time Training and NEPA with Shakes?

Hi All:

A simple question for a new V-Diet recruit, to optimize the best combination of nutrition and exercise for maximal benefit:

  1. What time in the day should the weight training component of the V-Diet attempted?

From my reading of the various threads on this website, it should not be done in the fasted state, i.e., first thing in the morning.

How long after drinking a Metabolic Drive shake can the weight training be started?

  1. According to different articles and threads on T-Nation, NEPA should be done either: in a fasted state (first thing in the morning), in a post-absorptive state (1-2 hours after meals/shakes) or after completing the weight training.

Are all of these true?

  1. Is there a warm up (to get the heart rate up) before the weight training session?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

  1. a) Definitely not fasted, but any other time of day is fine. b) Roughly a couple of hours.

  2. Yes, both are good times and when it comes to simple walking or light activity (NEPA), it doesn’t matter much. NEPA isn’t catabolic at any time.

  3. Not officially, but some general movement is fine as a warm-up or warm-up sets with working weights. It’s more about getting the muscles “alerted” than it is heart rate.

Thank you very much!

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