How to Stack Finibars, Mag-10 and Plazma?

I’m wondering how best to stack Finibars, Mag-10 and Plazma for pre-, intra- and post-workout supplementation. Here’s what I was thinking:

  • 8:00am: Whole food meal

  • 10:30am: 1 Finibar and 1 serving of Mag-10

  • 11:00am: 1/2 serving of Plazma

  • 11:15am - 12:15pm: Sip 1/2 serving of Plazma while working out

  • 12:45pm: 1 serving of Mag-10

  • 1:45pm: Whole food meal

There’s nothing wrong with that setup! I might move that first dose of Mag-10 to an hour after your post-workout Mag-10 to help spike protein synthesis again after you workout, and then have your whole food meal an hour after that.

The second dose of Mag-10 is something I’ve really grown fond of. It really seems to help with recovery from the really tough sessions.


•8:00am: Whole food meal

•10:30am: 1 Finibar

•11:00am: 1/2 serving of Plazma

•11:15am - 12:15pm: Sip 1/2 serving of Plazma while working out

•12:45pm: 1 serving of Mag-10

  • 1:45pm: 1 serving of Mag-10

•2:45pm: Whole food meal

Thanks SBT! Great modification to what I provided above.

No problem! Curious to see how everything grows, I mean goes for you. Have you used any of those before?

I’m on my first round of the Plazma and Mag-10. Both rock and have seriously cut down my recovery time.

I plan on testing the following pre-workout strategies to see what works best for me in regards to energy, recovery, and muscle gain:

  • Option 1: Eating only a Finibar prior to working out.

  • Option 2: Eating a Finibar and 1 serving of Mag-10 prior to working out.

  • Option 3: Eating a whole food meal (carbs and a lean protein) prior to working out.

  • Option 4: Eating a whole food meal (carbs and a lean protein) and 1 serving of Mag-10 prior to working out.

(Note: I’ll continue to have my 8am whole food meal in each scenario).

Excellent! Too many people are afraid to experiment in order to find what works best for them. Looking forward to the results.


What do you think about adding in another option to the test: eating a Finibar and drinking 10g BCAAs as a pre-workout meal.

Will the BCAAs interfere with or negate the effects of the casein in the Plazma?

You probably wouldn’t need to worry about it interfering with Plazma since it would be taken prior, but I could see it being an inferior option to the Finibar and Mag-10 combo without adding much benefit over just the Finibar. It might fall somewhere in between, if that makes sense.

But, if it’s in the budget, this is how we all learn things. Haha

Someone like @robstein might have a more versed opinion on such an option than myself, as well. Dude’s legit.

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@SBT thanks for the shout out brother!

@acgreene3, looking at your questions, I think your ideal workout nutrition protocol would be a Finibar pre-workout, a serving of Plazma for training (starting to sip 15-20min before the session), a Mag-10 after training, and a whole food meal 45-60min after that. This gives you 80g carbs and 30g protein, from the best possible sources and the highest quality, for your training session. Then another 20g protein immediately shuttled to your muscles for recovery, followed by a whole food meal. All bases covered.

If you’re having a Finibar and then Plazma, you definitely don’t need any additional BCAA’s. A Finibar has 40g high quality carbs and 15g whey protein, which is obviously the best complete protein source before a training session, so you’re totally covered with protein. Plazma is giving you 15g of the same protein as in Mag-10 sent immediately into your muscles, again you’re covered there. Combined with the 40g carbs in Plazma, trust me, your muscles are supplied with everything they need. IMO throwing in additional BCAA’s would just be money down the drain. If you want to incorporate BCAA’s, try having 5g between meals throughout the day to keep your muscles fully supplied at all times.

Hope this helps!

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@robstein, Awesome, thanks for the advice! All of this makes sense. I’ll definitely scrap the BCAAs pre-workout and add to between meals going forward. Appreciate the help from you and @SBT.

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