How to Not Lose Muscle on V-Diet?

After much researching it seems that the totals per day come out to something like this

calories- 1,500
protein- 200grams
carbs- 50grams
fat- 20grams

How does one not lose muscle like this? Not only are carbs very low, but so is fat.

I am used to the anabolic diet where the high fat intake and very low carbs puts you into ketosis and your body starts using fat for fuel. Since the V-Diet has limited fat intake wouldnt your body start using protein for fuel and then slowly burn muscle ??

Most V-Dieters who track body composition closely report muscle gains. How?

Short answers:


High protein, and the right kind

Proper post-workout nutrition

Good, concentrated fats

Stimulating (usually fresh to them) weight training program designed just for this type of diet.