How to Lose Sugar Cravings?

I am on my third go around on the V-Diet with great reset results on the first two. What I am wondering though, is how can you get rid of mental sugar cravings when the shakes are very sweet?

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic since I’ve written the V-Diet. Most cravings and overeating habits are caused by exorphins which target the opiod receptors in the brain. It creates a literal addiction. What contains the most exorphins? Not sugar, but wheat. With liquid cow’s milk coming in a close second.

Sugar can be an issue and maybe non-sugar sweet things. But that’s natural, because we have sweet receptors on our tongue: nature’s way of insuring we seek out food variety. So it’s natural to crave some sweet things, but of course we don’t want excess added sugar or HFCS, but rather sweet potatoes, berries, a little fruit, etc.

I think if most people drop wheat and milk (keep those out of the HSMs if on the V-Diet) then cravings are pretty much taken care of. Then you can satiate the natural sweet tooth with healthy foods.

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