How to Eat After the V-Diet?


I have started the V-Diet today for the first time, and hope it will give me some results. (This morning I was at 154pound, BF18-20% with caliper, waist 29.9 inches. height 5 feet 4; not so bad for a girl, but far from what I want)

But I was wondering, how should we eat after the 6 weeks on the V-Diet? (Considering that I will probably still have some fat to lose after ending it)… Yeah, I know, “first, finish the 28 days of diet, b***!” ^^

So here are my questions:
*Does the 5 shakes should become 5 HSM, or only 3HSM + 1 shake?
*How fast should the calories increase? I was thinking about +100kcal/week, and stop to increase when the weight begin to stagnate.
*What about the macro? Should we kept protein as high as on the V-Diet? And what about fat? I’m a woman, and I have a hard time trying to keep my hormons in balance on low-cal diet. Also, I pack on both muscle and fat easily, but I have a hard time to lose.
I was thinking about slowly drop the protein to 1g per pound of lean body mass, and up fat to 0.5g/pound of lbm, but I don’t know for carbs. I was thinking first to add vegetables (few carbs), then drop protein and increase fat, and at last add some roots (carbs again).

Every thoughts and piece of advice on this will be welcome!
(I hope my english was understandable, since I’m french)

In short, you eat healthy foods and avoid the obvious crap. :slight_smile:

  1. You can have shakes as meal replacements as you want after the V-Diet.

  2. I don’t believe in obsessively counting calories. Choose healthy foods and the body will self-regulate. So don’t sweat the exact calories. Just avoid the foods that tend to cause cravings that make it hard to resist the crap. I’ve seen great success for example when people forgo all wheat and liquid milk.

  3. Again, it’s about making the right choices, not counting macros for the rest of your life. But a gram per pound of body weight in protein is always a good place to start. Most people can have 100-150 carbs per day without issue, as long as those are good carbs (no bread, no excess sugar etc.) Healthy fats make up the difference, and don’t fear saturated fat from meat, whole eggs, and coconut oil. Many hormonal issues are caused by too little fat in the diet. It’s always good idea to keep Flameout as part of your daily routine.

  4. If you pack on muscle easily, then you are blessed! More muscle = faster metabolism, and you’ll never build enough to look “manly” unless you’re also using steroids. Your main goal should be to build, build, build, and additional fat loss will take care of itself in a healthy manner.

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