How to Boost Leptin Post V-Diet

Hey Chris,

I’ve been doing a lot of research about the hormone Leptin and its fat burning affect. You mentioned to stay away from any and all junk foods. Is there any way to boost leptin post V-Diet without having to eat crappy foods strategically?

Btw what are your thoughts on leptin? Is it really that important in the fat loss game?

Honestly, focusing in on one hormone is pretty overrated. You can build a great body without even knowing about all these hormones. I wouldn’t worry about it, one way or the other. Minutia.


Brown rice and quinoa if you aren’t ditching grains?

Sweet potatoes?

Unless I misunderstood everything: 1 day of excess calories and/or increased carbohydrate intake should boost levels.

Is there any reason to suspect leptin is lowered during the V-Diet? Metabolism does not seem to drop. The protein alone might be sufficient to fool the body into thinking it’s well fed and keep the leptin levels normal.

yeah, I know…minutia. It’s just that some of us love the minutia.

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