How to Adjust Carbs for BB Show?


218 pounds, 5 foot 9.

I’ve been doing these macros for the past month:
Protein 300
Carb 40-60 (almost all fiber, no starch sources)
Fat 100

One day a week I bump my carbs up to 300-400, all starchy.






2nd again


Last one


Big time ffb…I have alot of time getting lean–can never seem to get the last bit off of my lower abs. I’ve tried ALOT of things.


Adjusting diet for a bodybuilding show is tricky business and involves a lot of factors – sodium, water, etc. Best to contact a contest prep expert and get a personal consult.

Here’s something Thibaudeau and I put together for the last 6 days though:


Maybe I should have been more specific–do you think I could/should add any carbs in now while taking the Indigo 3G or should I just save it for post-contest when I’m adding more carbs in? I’d rather use it and reap the benefits precontest, but with the 500.00 investment, I’d like to maximize it’s potential. Thanks for the quick response–


That’s a great question. We’ve had a couple of competitive bodybuilders use Indigo-3G as a lead up to their show (Mighty Stu and Shelby Starnes) and both reported great results and won their shows. I think Stu used Indigo for between two BB shows.

Used before a show, the advantages would be: more muscle, fuller look since you’ll probably be able to keep more carbs in, better recovery and training, etc.

Used after a show it could be very powerful too since that’s when you’re probably going to jack back in carbs. That post-contest rebound + Indigo-3G + carbs should be anabolic as all hell!

With 3 bottles, you have 45 day’s worth of Indigo. Maybe you could time it so the contest is in the middle of that cycle?