How Soon After Starting Plazma Should Its Effects Be Noticed?

Today was my first time to use Plazma and I don’t think it made me feel any differently. I certainly did not have the experience that so many describe concerning muscle pump and increased work capacity. In no way though am I making any conclusive judgements about it after one day. I bought a huge supply and I’m excited to use every bit of it. When should I expect to notice its effects and what effects should I look for?

I decided to forgo the liquid flavor enhancer today and just drink it plain. It doesn’t taste great but it’s definitely palatable. It was extremely frothy but I made it work. Does the enhancer reduce the froth? I’m assuming that skipping the flavor enhancer does to not render Plazma any less effective. Is this correct?

Yeah, it’s truly hard to assess anything after just one use.

What is your training like? That will still have an effect on what you feel out of Plazma. You could always try the Indigo Project training programs.

And yeah, not using the flavoring isn’t going to affect how Plazma works, but it’s definitely an interesting choice.

I train for strength, usually 5 or fewer reps. I train the big three, my own version of weightlifting, and perform a variety of carries. Also include neck, abs, grip, special posterior chain work. Conditioning consists mostly of steep incline walks at a brisk pace and jump rope intervals with a 2" manila rope.

Like SBT said, one workout isn’t really giving it a clear picture of its effects. And you’re not really going to get a pump from heavy work 5 reps and below. If anything, that would be more noticeable on the higher rep accessory work. Work capacity, in general, could mean quicker recovery between sets, handling more total volume in a day without feeling wiped out at the end of the session, that kind of stuff.

The most drastic thing I notice is that DOMS is just not a thing anymore unless I go really overboard with extra-slow negatives, a bunch of new exercises, or other methods that typically crank up muscle soreness.

How many scoops are you using in a workout and what’s the timeframe? Like, are you doing 1 scoop before training and 1 during, just 1 scoop during the workout, etc.?

Correct. The flavoring has no influence on the effectiveness, it just affects one’s ability to actually drink it (and want to drink it). If you’re unfazed by the unflavored mix, go for it.

Plazma isn’t best suited for conditioning workouts, in case you’re taking it then too. Surge Workout Fuel or Mag-10 would be better choices there.

And, side note: I kinda like the idea of jumping rope with an actual rope, never considered it before. But isn’t it getting chewed up and frayed as it passes under-foot and hits the ground? Doesn’t seem like one rope would survive too many sessions.

Thanks for your response, Chris! I haven’t yet noticed any greater resistance to DOMS than without Plazma. I’m currently really sore after my squats yesterday, but it was an intense session. I also got extremely sore late last week, using Plazma, after doing several 12 rep sets of close grip dumbbell bench press. However, this is a rep range that I don’t venture into regularly. The fatigue I feel during my training and my ability to recover following training seem pretty much the same as ever. I use two scoops and I’ve now used Plazma during four training sessions. It’s very early in my Plazma experiment and since I have a supply sufficient for ~8 months I’m going to give it that amount of time before I really draw any conclusions.

The flavor of straight Plazma is not awful and to anyone who has never tried it I say you should try it this way just to see what you think. It is far less offensive than both the BCAA powder Biotest sells and Alpha Male, if it’s allowed to linger in the mouth for any more than a millisecond. These two supplements are the most bitter substances I’ve ever tasted in my life. I’m not keen on artificial colors and flavors which is why I eschew the flavoring. If Biotest develops an all-natural flavoring I’ll certainly try it.

My manila jump rope was specifically designed for this purpose. It has some sort of rubber coating around the part that strikes the ground to protect it. The area where you grip the rope also came with the same rubber coating. In spite of this, it does shed a little during every use and it’s not going to last forever. A typical session for me involves 8 rounds with 20 swings per round (with 20-30 seconds rest between rounds). With the way I use it I expect the rope will last for several hundred sessions but it will eventually lose enough volume to warrant replacing it. I’ve never weighed it but I would guess it weighs ~7 lbs, getting slightly lighter after every session. Every training session for me consists of both strength and conditioning elements. Therefore I will always be on Plazma when I perform my conditioning work, which is always at the end of the training session since I prioritize strength.

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Chris or SBT or anyone who can help,

I’ve used two scoops of Plazma for 7 workouts and still have not noticed any difference compared to before. Could the breakfast that I eat shortly before beginning my Plazma be interfering with it somehow? I have a protein shake consisting of a scoop of whey, a scoop of casein and a scoop of BCAAs, sometimes with milk, sometimes with water. I also eat a bowl of oatmeal with milled flaxseed and chia seeds in milk. Would it be best to let Plazma serve as my breakfast and save the food for post-workout?

Yeah, this would actually be a big chunk of the reason. That breakfast is already throwing a ton of protein and aminos at your body, so you’re not really benefiting as much from the casein in Plazma. The fiber in the chia, flax, and oatmeal are also generally going to slow digesting.

This talks about how your body can be less responsive when it gets protein too frequently: Protein Pulsing for Muscle

100% yep. Get that first serving ASAP and have the second serving during training. Give it a try for a while and see how it goes.

Thank you so much, Chris. Can’t wait to make the change.

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