How often do we work out?

The beginners thing shows a schedule of M-W-F or T-R-S but the logs show us working out 7 days a week. Which do we follow? Also, I know it says not to do your own cardio because that wont help but is there anything other than the walking that we can do on off days to help (assuming we are only working out 3 days a week).

<3 Mia

3 weight training days per week, 1 V-Burn bodyweight challenge day, walking every day.

You can substitute a long walk with 10 minutes of hard intervals: battle ropes, KB swings, etc.

Okay so there are definitely three “off days” where I do nothing but walk then. I was worried I was reading that incorrectly. I really enjoy the ab machine that I have and doing crunches because it makes me feel like I am working on my ridiculous belly. You said no cardio supplementing - I am guessing that means lay off the crunches and the ab machine for the entire 28 days then? :-/

Ab work isn’t cardio. But it doesn’t spot reduce either of course. You can add ab work if you’d like.

YAY! Thanks! I have a special bond with my ab machine. It makes me feel like someday I might have abs… lol

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