How Much Surge on Workout Days?

I have just realised that i am supposed to be taking 3 scoops of Surge with everywork out, But for the last 2 weeks i have just been taking one scoop.

Will this have affected my results? i should have read the lables properly, i am on my 18 day so far?

Nothing to do now but start doing it right.

Most use 3 scoops after weight training, but read the labels. At one time, if I remember right, some of the flavors called for two scoops. (Same amount, different size scooper as I recall.)

You may need to re-do your calorie numbers.

Hopefully this hasn’t caused less-than-optimal recovery or muscle loss, but we can only guess.

thanks Chris,

Non Lifting Days 1301.4
Lifting Days 1561.68

with SURGE Recovery i am hitting 1608 calories, but i have been just taking one scoop of SURGE Recovery on training days,

therefore i have been taking 1400 calories on those days.

This would explain my little muscle loss in the first week.

[quote]ttboy1988 wrote:
This would explain my little muscle loss in the first week.

One quick note: It’s doubtful you lost muscle in one week. The lower carbs lead to some initial and temporary fluid loss and glycogen loss, and some people don’t get as good of a pump in the gym. Those things might appear to be muscle loss, but no real lean tissue is “eaten up,” not in one week of a high protein diet that includes weight training. So, no worries.

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