How Much Protein with Excess Weight?

I’m 67 years old and started a program 4 months ago. Pretty good results so far, lost 35 lbs., and built a good bit of muscle. Currently using Metabolic Drive.

After 40 years of sitting at a desk, I am still somewhat overweight. My ideal body weight is around 170 lbs.

Question: do I need 1 gram x 170 lbs. = 170 grams of protein per day, or do I need another 50 grams additional for the 50 excess pounds I am still carrying?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

You need to feed the body you currently have, not your goal physique. You’re doing the workouts now, and your 220-pound body is what has to recover from lifting. If the rest of your carb, fat, and overall calorie intake are properly setup, you’ll see improvements in muscle gains and fat loss.

This article explains why a high protein intake is a good thing:

It sounds like you’ve seen some great results so far. This article has more info that can also help fine-tune your plan:

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