How Much Protein to Bulk


Hey there Chris.

I was curious on what you suggested for grams of protein per day for bulking.

More specifically, what is a good amount to consume with the Pulse Feast. (I get 60 from the pulses and 30 from Anaconda2)

I’ve always been told 1.5-2g per bodyweight pound for maximum mass gains.


The experts are all over the place with this, and there’s some evidence that a protein cycling approach is better: high sometimes, lower sometimes.

But I always use the gram-per-pound-of-body-weight rule of thumb. That’s your starting point. That’s easy to do to given that you need 800 to 1000 cals over maintenance for good mass phase that doesn’t lead to excess fat gain. If you hit that then you can pretty much play it by ear after that, ebbing and flowing with difference amounts of protein.

There’s also a big difference between types of protein. As Thibaudeau has said, “10g of casein hydrolysate has a more profound anabolic effect than 30g of whey.” So there’s that to consider. Maybe a person wouldn’t need 350g of protein per day if he were using a better source for much of it? Something to think about.


Okay thanks Chris, I appreciate it.

After hearing that, 90g of casein hydrolysate a day is actually a lot more than it looks. Followed by ~200g of protein throughout the feast (I weigh 220) would make for, I’m assuming, great muscle gains, fat loss, and some savings on my monthly grocery bill (atleast I’m hoping). We all win!