How Much is Too Much?


Hi Chris,
The wife and I are doing the V-Diet, only day 3 but already salivating at our first HSM this weekend. We were just discussing how much protein is too much? I mean at what point (in grams) does the body start to react poorly to the protein.

You never know if what you are reading anywhere is true or based on some odd study somewhere. We read that you should not have more meat than what can fit in the palm of your hand… I say it’s crazy! (mostly because the steaks, chicken and lovely pork chops waiting to be devoured on sat.)

So how much is too much…is there a calculator/formula somewhere…I think this would be good information going forward for my kids as well.



That’s been “the” question for years in bodybuilding. Here’s a very short summary:

First, consuming a lot of protein isn’t harmful or “bad on the kidneys.” Total myth that started when researchers fed people who already had kidney failure high protein (intravenously) and noticed that their kidneys had to work harder. Somehow this became “Protein is bad for everybody!” Not so.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an optimal amount. The “gram per pound of body weight” rule works well for most non-obese people who weight train. 1.5g per lb of body weight too. There probably is a point where it’s “too much” but not in harmful way, just in a “can’t utilize it all” way. Protein cycling is another interesting idea: have periods of high protein and periods of lower protein.

But, long story short, there are people who’ve eaten 400g per day for years on end with no side effects. That may be too much or unnecessary, but it’s not hurting them.


Awesome! Thank you for the response, so eating 3 steaks for the HSM is fine! (j/k only two)