How Much is Too Much Weight Loss?

i started the V-Diet and by day 4 i was down 18.5 lbs is that healthy or just kick ass?

Holy crap… Please provide starting stats… This sounds like BS to me.

THAT, OR… you weighed you’re original self at night, and woke up day four to take a massive dump and piss that you’d been storing for a few days. OR!perhaps your stomache is caught on a towel rack or something like in the simpsons episode. OR! Did you use a different scale? Was it set right? Was it in the exact same place? Are you drinking enough water or just sweating it all out?

started out at 255 and yea weighed in the morning both times. drinkin as much water as possible pissin damn near clear and now im down to 237.5 so actually 17.5 my bad but still. so i started to eat/drink a little more and still stayin in the 237 zone dont know if i should go back strict vdiet or not?

How long did it take you to put on the last 20+ pounds? I mean if it was quite recent and sudden I can believe it more.

Same scale? Yeah stick strictly to the V-Diet if you’re looking for the taste change. There’s nothing better then that. I lost 10 lbs in the first couple days, but 17.5 is crazy. I though I was going to be pretty up there when I lost 32 lbs over the whole diet, but you just did over half mine in four days.

yea same scale and idk ive been sittin steady at 255 for awhile

Well I honestly don’t know what to tell you. I assume its good but I don’t know if you have any under laying medical issues, maybe you don’t either.

All I can say is stick to the diet, there is nothing wrong with it. The nutrition is perfect so I don’t see it damaging your overall health. I think it would only go up.

Try to PM chris or get his input somehow. I can’t vouch for anyone but myself :frowning:

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