How Much Flameout?

How much Flameout are you supposed to use daily w/the Velocity diet? will one bottle be enough for the 28 days?

4 per day. 2 bottles for the 28 days.

While DOHCrazy is correct I did discuss this with Chris. The one thing is to keep your calories in check and if you have some space add a couple extra fish oils. There isn’t really a correct amount and most of the top coaches have very different opinions.

I personally took 8 a day and I ended up losing 30 lbs of fat. It won’t stall your diet if you take MORE. Also I have no sceince to back this other than assumptions off of what I read here but if you were never really into fish or other foods containing Omega 3’s then more fish oils now could help to reset your balance of omega 3’s to 6’s.

BUT KNOW THAT THIS IS JUST AN ASSUMPTION I MOST LIKELY DONT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT. Just ask Chris and I’m sure he’ll help you out, this is his diet no one can give you better advice than him.

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