How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?


I’m just curious as to how much money everyone spends on groceries per week/every other week/monthly. I average about, roughly, $150-200 every two weeks. This includes produce, canned stuff (beans, tomatoes, etc…) frozen fruit and veggies, meat and other edibles (spices, butter, yogurt, almond milk, etc…)

How much do you spend average? Any tips to save money? I live in the middle of no where Kansas and I have to drive 35 miles south anytime I want to stock up (God how I miss the convenience of Kansas City).


I spend about 200 bones every other week or so. Feeding a family of four on that. I make almost all that I can from scratch - that has probably saved the most amount of money, also I dont buy crap processed stuff for my kids. If they are hungry they eat real food and get fuller that way - so in turn they eat, so in turn I buy less.

But Yea i have a 45 mile drive to get groceries. Dont be afraid to cook and then freeze stuff up to eat later. You can buy in bulk that way and then not let the fresh stuff go bad.


I spend about $500 - $600 a month for a family of 3…Me, girlfriend, and 5 year old daughter. That includes protein powder as well since it’s more of a food for me. I live in Hawaii so pretty much take anything on the shelf in the continental US and add $2-$3.

It’s pretty high up there since I buy organic whole chickens (breakdown into parts for multiple meals), organic beef, organic pretty much everything that’s available at Costco. Steak and pork chops have been a rarity in my diet since we can’t get it organic or grass fed/finished for a reasonable price down here. I’d hate to send the family into bankruptcy at $18.99/lb for grass fed beef…f*cking kidding me.


Jeeze I don’t see how you all spend so little for an entire family. I’m spending that just feeding myself (500-600 range) with very rarely ever eating out.


WTF am I doing wrong here folks? Seeing this makes my jaw drag on the floor and my eyes oogle out of my damn skull!

I spend $300 A MONTH between Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart and what used to be Sam’s but I have slowly stopped going to the last one due to some mess ups they gave me with wrong prices and double charges…go figure!

I go with basics we all know of. Frozen chicken, bulk lean ground beef, bulk oats, bulk rice, bulk almonds/pb, canned tuna, whole eggs, bags of red taters, 5lb Gaspari whey protein, basic canned veggies for my morning omelets, 5lb casein protein. That’s the jist. I do not buy much fruit or fresh veggies as they cost too much for what you get in calories or sustenance. Yes there great for you I know this. But why spend 12 bucks on 3lbs of strawberries when I can get 7lbs of frozen chicken for the same price?

This $300 has typically just made it from start to end for the month. I skimp on most non essential condiments as those also have little use compared to staple food items.

I make 2900 gross income per month and 2200 net if that helps reference my spending capacity. I try VERY hard to live within my means but how is it your all putting so much toward foods? I wish like all hell I could put just $400 A MONTH into my foods to spice things up a bit more such as fruits and veggies maybe!?

Thank god I am dieting right now! Carbs are of limited demand right now in my diet so that helps, some…