How Many Carbs on Maintenance Diet?


What do you guys think the estimated carb level should be for a maintenance diet. I reached my desired level of leaness, basically by keeping carbs around 100-150g per day depending on the workout day. I did 3-4 days of cardio variation…so probably ate at maintenance and just went into caloric deficit because of the cardio…which for my psychological profile, works much better.

To hold on to muscle…I would imagine that range is sufficient. 100-150g carb per day.


For those that want to remain abs-on lean but not sacrifice the benefits of carbs around training time, 100 to 150g per day is a good range.

But of course much depends on a variety of personal factors, like genetics and activity level, but that’s a good range to play with.

And overall cals do make a difference. While it’s not as “easy,” you can gain fat on a low-carb diet if you jack in enough low-carb calories.